The biggest RTTY contest was held between 28-29.9.2013. We had 3 high power stations and one 100W station qrv. Operators this time were OH2GEK, OH2LNH, OH2LRE, OH7JEV, OH2FLO and OH2EKB. Our operating class was multi-multi. Propagation was normal and we worked many JAs and Ws. Even 10m was open to these big ham populations. 80m is difficult from the club due to high noise emitted by (illegal?) LED lights inside the building. It would be nice to find a practical solution for 80m, either a more remote antenna or something else. Any ideas how to fix the noise problem?

This contest effort marks a milestone in our club's history as we have never worked this many QSOs in any other contest :) The claimed score is:

Station #1

Station #2

Station #3

Station #4

Station #5

Station #6