Club evening 30.6.2022

This time we're posting in English! I'm promoting this important matter that our club is open also for persons who doesn't speak common native languages in Finland, such as Finnish or Swedish. You are very welcome to visit our clubroom every Thursday around 6pm.

What is happening on our weekly event? Schedule is free and there's plenty of activities to choose. Some prefer to relax on the couch and chat the whole evening. On electronic lab there's usually somebody doing their radio related projects or disassembling treasures from someone's e-waste. On radio room there's possibility to make contacts on multiple amateur bands with clubs callsign. Remember that you don't have to be a licensed amateur to make your first contact! With guidance present you can use the radio as a "second operator" (when a licensed amateur is there with you).

This weeks club evening wasn't that crowded but we managed to have good conversation around different topics. Ismo OH2FTG brought some new tools to drilling station which is by the way very useful service at the club room. Who would like to have a column drill at their small living room? Well some might but I prefer to use one that club provides.

Since I didn't have special plans either today I concentrated on disassembling PCB's from the clubs e-waste bin (called "bonk") with the hot air station. It's oddly satisfying to just heat up the components and lift them off one by one. I know you're now tempted to ask what an earth would you do with such obsolete op-amps and useless 74-logic chips. Well I don't know either but I'm pretty sure some will be used later on some projects.

Next week we might finally have some QSL cards received at the club and I'm very curious because those could be my first received cards ever. Hopefully this summer weather continues too, since it was nice to leave the club just to notify that sunglasses are still needed even it's quite late. See you next week!